Its Money Week! This year's topic is one that is close to our hearts at Evergreen Life; WEATHER LIFE'S STORMS.

Basically. it's about planning ahead for when things go wrong, which is one of the the key questions we ask when you plan your insurance needs with one of our team. Things to think about when planning ahead are:

Have an Emergency Fund - As a rule of thumb you should ideally have 3 months outgoings saved for those short term emergencies.

Have your Will sorted! - Talk to your Lawyer, Trust Company or do it online, and also review it annually to make sure it matches your requirements.

Review your Insurance - New Zealanders are generally under insured. That "she'll be right attitude" that the Government or friends and family will sort it out is a bit of a myth. This is also the key area we can help.

So use this week as a reminder to Check your Buffer, Review the Risks and Get your papers in order!

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