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Life Insurance Life Insurance

Life is never the same after the death of someone close to you. You're never prepared. It's a bridge you've never crossed, and there's no way to rehearse what it will be like.

At Evergreen it's our business to ensure you're looked after at claim time. That's why we make sure you get the right amount of life cover that buys you and your family time when it really matters.

How much do I need?

Only you can determine the right level of cover. You don't want to be over insured, but you do want to look after your loved ones when you're not around.

When you're deciding your level of cover, consider:

  • debts
  • ongoing education requirements for children
  • a cash buffer for your partner to adjust to life without you (this takes time)

You may also want to consider leaving funds for your partner's retirement.

Income Protection Income Protection

People insure their house because they can see it and touch it. But houses just don't burn down that often. People's earning potential, on the other hand, disappears all the time. Cancer, heart attack and stroke are three of the key killers - not of people, but of their ability to enjoy the life they want.

Steady stream of income when you need it most

Income protection insurance gives you a steady stream of income if you're unable to work for an extended period of time. Unlike ACC it covers non-accidental reasons for being off work, such as stress, the biggest cause of people needing time off work.

We can help you choose the best option for your circumstances.

Medical Insurance Medical Insurance

Save yourself months on the public health waiting list, and get yourself back to work sooner.

The waiting list is not somewhere you want to be, particularly if you need to take time off work. According to an international survey of GPs, New Zealand has the highest proportion of patients facing long delays for elective surgery or hospital care.

If you needed surgery today, would you be able to pay upfront for private surgery? Or would you be willing to wait, and maybe have to take time off work, for treatment in a public hospital?

We usually recommend a medical policy tailored to give you 100% cover for hospital, surgical, specialist consultations and tests.

How to waste your money on medical insurance?

Some medical insurance plans can be a waste of money, yet people like them because they don't seem to cost much, and they give us a false sense of security.

Excess Options - how much you pay

Most insurance providers offer an option for you to pay an excess - in other words, you pay up to a certain amount of the bill before the insurance pays the rest.

The higher your excess, the lower your premium. It's a trade-off between long-term, ongoing, predictable costs (your premiums) and short-term, one-off, unpredictable costs (your excess).

Excess options vary between companies and allow you to keep the cost of your premium down. Look out for limits and maximums

Mortgage Protection Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection is a combination of many insurance products, like Life Insurance, Trauma Cover, Total and Permanent Disability Cover, and Income Protection.

You can also get standalone mortgage repayment cover, which pays your regular mortgage payments if you're unable to work because of sickness or injury. There's an initial stand down period of at least 4 weeks before the payments start.

Mortgage protection is very similar to other standard insurance policies, but because it's specifically to cover a fixed amount (the amount of your mortgage), there's less flexibility.

The price for mortgage protection insurance is usually similar to standard insurance policies. It's best to talk through your options with us to find what's best for you.

How much cover do I need?

Mortgage protection cover reflects the amount of your mortgage debt, or the monthly repayments you need to make. In short, it depends. No two situations are the same.

Trauma Cover Trauma Cover

Trauma cover gives you a lump sum to pay off the mortgage, fly to Fiji or just spend time with your family without having to worry about where the money will come from.

Unlike income protection, trauma cover doesn't depend on whether you can work or not. To qualify you simply have to survive 14 days after suffering a major illness like heart attack, stroke or cancer. This kind of insurance is also known as Living Assurance, Critical Illness Cover or Serious Care.

What does Trauma Cover include?

Trauma cover pays a cash lump sum if you suffer from a pre-determined health condition and survive 14 days.

The three biggest conditions people claim for are heart attack, stroke and cancer, but most companies cover a broad range of events, such as major burns, major head injury, meningitis, and more ... some companies cover up to 42 conditions.

You'll find the actual conditions covered, and their definitions, in each company's policy document. If wading through policy wording doesn't sound like fun, our advisers will be happy to help you choose the best cover for you.

Why do I need Trauma Cover?

Medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last 50 years. People used to die from many major medical incidents, now people do survive. Consider this 52% of male cancer patients will be alive five years later, and 59% of females will be alive five years later.

It's great news for medicine, but it also means you need to be covered for the new realities. Trauma cover gives you maximum choice at claim time.

Total Disablement Total Disablement

It makes sense to spend a few dollars to cover your family if anything prevents you from working for the rest of your life.

It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. People who've spent a lifetime developing skills and abilities to build a career on, suffer an illness or injury that means they'll never work again.

Imagine having a major event - whether it's an accident, illness, injury, or even mental illness - and not being able to earn an income for the rest of your life. Total and permanent disability Insurance covers exactly that situation - and because it's not a common claim, premiums are comparatively low.

How it works

Here's how Total and Permanent Disability works: if you suffer an illness or injury that stops you working, and you can't return to the job you had before your accident or illness ever again, you get paid.

Business Insurance Business Insurance

If you want your business to survive the loss of someone critical to its success – due to illness or injury – it makes sense to plan for the worst.

We can help you tailor an insurance plan that protects financial position of your business should something unexpected happen.

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